Counselling provided for mental health, addiction, stress, trauma, relationships, grief, cultural adaptation, emotion regulation through feminist therapy, humanistic therapy, person centered therapy, narrative therapy and dialectical behavior therapy.

Individual Counselling

Healing & Growth through the Pain

Each individual brings a unique set of traits & strengths to counselling. At Al-Nahda, we help highlight these so you could grow & heal, then be able to create for yourself the life that’s worth living.

Couples Counselling

Unite through the Opposition

Our current era presents couples with challenges, & magnifies stressors in a variety of ways. At Al-Nahda, the duality of perspectives is seen as complimentary.  Come create a rich narrative in your relationship, so you could nourish each other’s vision.

Family Counselling

Grace through Understanding

The family system can make healthy or unhealthy individuals.  Conflict does not have to be your way of life, but rather a tool for dialogue & resolution. Skills can be learned to have the relationships you want in your life.

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